WORQ Coworking Space
Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time


WORQ is an upcoming coworking space in Kuala Lumpur, backed by Cradle, 500 Startups, Space Matrix, and a few other private investors. We'll be the first-ever massive coworking space in Malaysia, covering up to 14,000 sqft enabling us to fuel collaborations on a scale never seen before in Malaysian startup history. And it's only the first of 70 outlets we'll be setting up all around Asia. 

It's a massive dream, and we're working our asses off to fulfill it. We can't do it alone though - this is where you come in.

By joining us, you'd be part of the founding team, as we're still very early in our inception. This means you get to gain equity in addition to a generous salary package! You'll also be at the heart of the business and startup ecosystem in Asia, enabling you to make amazing connections to VCs, investors, governments, CEOs, and many more that you could never dream of while working in a traditional company. 


We are looking for candidates who have majored in EE, CS, Mechanical Engineering or with a similar academic background. He/she needs to be a problem solver and team player, have an analytical mind and practice logical thinking. Also the ability to understand technical details when researching tech solutions. The ability to program will be an added bonus.

As such, your responsibilities will be:

  • Design, operate or maintain office technology products such as scheduling systems for meeting rooms, subscription systems for co-working space memberships
  • Provide services related to software, hardware, database, web resources, networks and enterprise systems such as network management, software development, database administration, system integration, and etc.
  • Provide technical support to administration and train non-technical workers on the office I.C.T. systems handling
  • Design systems or source for white box solutions to improve the effectiveness of existing technology resources
  • Work with external partners, including consultants, agencies, and vendors to implement new systems or integrate with multiple systems
  • Constantly updated on emerging technologies related to enterprise


To succeed in this position, you should ideally have

  • Experience working with cloud, IoT, embedded and etc. systems.
  • Experience with networking infrastructure and management
  • Experience with networking and communication protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, MQTT and etc.
  • Good in at least one programming language (C/C++, Java, JS, Python, etc.).


3000 - 4000 MYR

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