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Blockchain Engineer Lead

Munchee is a visual food review and social-networking app for food lovers. Munchee lets food-lovers share their dining experiences via photos. Munchee focuses only on the quality of the food, not the rating of the restaurant.

Munchee is the one app that'd list out that one specific dish from different places in a visual way so foodies can compare price, quality and reviews all at once - something Yelp couldn't do so well. Now you can start hunting for the best and cheapest "Churros" in the area using this app. Even more fun, you can snap a picture of the dish you're rating and share it with other food-lovers.


- Write and maintain QTUM/Ethereum smart contracts 
- Help with the platform and smart contract architecture, to achieve scalability and efficiency 
- Help design and build a scalable and truly decentralized platform that will connect thousands of users 
- Be up to date on the latest developments in Ethereum, Solidity, RSK and more 


- University degree in Computer Science or equivalent qualification

- At least 2 years of professional experience in blockchain software development 

- Strong background in data structures and algorithms, especially distributed computing algorithms and system design.

- Good mindset in problem solving

- Experience in writing smart contracts in Solidity (ERC20/223 token) and testing them. 

- Experience with blockchain technology and the Ethereum stack (EVM, Geth, Web3, RPC, Solidity). You know how to deal with security concerns. 

- Excellent skills for third party API integration like Restful 

- Proficient in at least one programming language: Python/Javascript/Java/Golang

- Some hands on experience with AWS

- Experience in crowdsales contracts is a plus 

- Dapps development is a plus

- Having interest in exchanges and a solid understanding of consensus protocols is a plus. 


4000 - 9000 SGD

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