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Internship for Content Writer 文案/撰稿实习生 (中英文)

As a Professional Wedding Photographer Team base in Malaysia, we specialize in artistic and timeless documentary wedding photography which aim to record our your sublime moments. Our aim is to document the emotional bond between you and the people you love into something tangible that you can preserve and grin when you look back for decades.

As a Malaysia Wedding Photographer Team in Shuttering Hearts, we provide a wide range of service, such as:

- Pre-wedding day photography

- Actual Wedding day photography

- Wedding cinematography

- Portrait photography

- Photobooth service

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  • 流利的英语写作技巧(擅长华文会是优先选择)
  • 热爱写作,并能撰写各种风格的在线共享内容
  • 对文章的性质有基本的了解,并且知道如何促进与读者间的互动
  • 简单理解SEO搜索引擎优化包括相关的关键字和文章标题


  • 拥有写作创意并能在相关领域撰写原创文章
  • 为网站,社交媒体和其他出版物编写真实内容
  • 编辑和校对文章
  • 编写SEO优化的内容(优先选择)
  • 自我驱动,积极学习,拥有团队精神
  • 欢迎应届生加入!

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