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Country : Malaysia
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Internship for Multimedia/Graphic Designer 多媒体/平面设计实习生 (中英文)

As a Professional Wedding Photographer Team base in Malaysia, we specialize in artistic and timeless documentary wedding photography which aim to record our your sublime moments. Our aim is to document the emotional bond between you and the people you love into something tangible that you can preserve and grin when you look back for decades.

As a Malaysia Wedding Photographer Team in Shuttering Hearts, we provide a wide range of service, such as:

- Pre-wedding day photography

- Actual Wedding day photography

- Wedding cinematography

- Portrait photography

- Photobooth service

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  • 设计网站图片,产品图片等相关项目
  • 能够独立执行设计项目
  • 富有创意的想法和设计感
  • 认真向上,注重细节,有良好的组织能力
  • 拥有优秀的时间管理,能在一定的限制完成项目


  • 拥有艺术,平面设计,多媒体或同等学历文凭/学位
  • 精通Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop或同等产品
  • 良好的英文和普通话口头和书面表达能力
  • 对颜色和设计有很好的艺术感
  • 具有良好沟通和人际交往能力
  • 欢迎应届生加入!

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